Clients' Rights and Expectations

Friberg Wealth clients have the right to:

  1. Expect honesty and integrity

  2. Expect that their best interests are the basis for all financial recommendations

  3. Maintain control and make final decisions

  4. Be kept informed

  5. Have phone calls returned promptly

  6. Be educated as to their relevant alternatives

  7. Understand risk factors

  8. Receive value from their relationship with Friberg Wealth

  9. Be treated fairly and with respect

  10. Expect complete confidentiality


We have the right to: 

 1.      Expect honesty and integrity in dealing with our clients


 2.      Be kept informed


 3.      Have phone calls returned timely


 4.      Educate and give advice


 5.      Professionally motivate you to implement recommendations


 6.      Be compensated adequately for providing a valuable service


 7.      Be treated fairly and with respect




We expect that our clients will:



1.  Receive value from having worked with us

2.      Enjoy and appreciate the process


3.      Provide us with constructive feedback for improvement


4.      Recommend that their friends and family meet us to learn how our services can help them